Multi… what?

I would like to start this blog with a short background story.

For about ten years or more I’ve been identifying myself solely as an independent dancer/ choreographer and everything else, all the other freelance jobs that I took (mostly in the translation field) were there to support it. What happened is that at some point last year I grew so tired and frustrated with my dance projects that were not going exactly as I wanted or expected, that I made a decision to take a break and focus on something else. At least for a short while. Meanwhile, quite unexpectedly, I got an offer to work as a language teacher and, to my surprise, I loved this job. At that moment I was enjoying it much more than dancing or choreographing. Around the same time I also restarted learning French and Chinese that I’d once learnt at school and university. I absolutely adored it! But this sudden change of focus also left me puzzled. What am I now? Who am I if not a dance artist? I can’t and don’t want to change my career path completely.

I’d heard of multipotentialites before (also known as renaissance people or scanners), but to be very honest, I had never considered myself to be one of them.

Yes, I always had many different interests and been quick at learning new skills. Yes, I was unsure of what I wanted to do in my teens – first, I thought of becoming a journalist (and even wrote some articles for few local newspapers, one of which got published), then I thought of becoming a visual artist (I was pretty good at painting, but was convinced that didn’t have enough talent to pursue it as a career), once I even dreamt of becoming a vet (but after a day of shadowing in a vet clinic I gave up this idea).

When I was about 18, as miraculous as it sounds, I found my TRUE passion. At least I thought I did. It was dance – Indian classical dance, to be more specific. I pursued it relentlessly, first, as a hobby in my home country while finishing my BA in Sinology (yes, Sinology – just because it sounded exciting at that time!), then in India, and later in the UK. It stimulated me mentally, physically and emotionally – I loved how complex and sophisticated it was. It gave me the opportunities to travel, perform and teach in so many places. But then… after learning as much as I could about it, I lost interest. And switched to contemporary dance – a vast field that took me to so many places, that I was not aware of, both literally and metaphorically.

So here I am approaching my mid 30s with a collection of degrees and certificates, with at least 4 different CVs, refusing to stick to only one thing or only one definition of myself.

Now that I’m starting to embrace my multifacetedness and multipotentiality many things have shifted including the way I see myself. I can now see so many possibilities which I was not aware of before and which I’m going to share here in this blog.

Do you relate to this story? I would love to hear yours!


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